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The website is created based on a private collection of Jewish archival documents.

The materials we are offering represent a documentary chronicle of the life of the perished numerous Jewish community that had flourished in Eastern Galicia before Holocaust. The mission of this site is to contribute to the preservation of the documentary and genealogical heritage of the Jewish people as a whole.

The website aims to expand the access to a previously unknown private Jewish collection of documents through user-friendly electronic cataloging. For convenience, the collection materials are translated into English. This site can be of use to descendants who are restoring their family tree and interested in finding their roots.


All the information available at the site can only be used for non-commercial (informational, educational, research) purposes.

Copying the information placed on the site (as well as quoting any data referred to in the information sections of the site in the mass media) is acceptable only upon condition of referencing the source of such information (in online media – a hyperlink to the relevant webpage with a unique network address).

For security purposes, the website bears no responsibility for various money expenses and losses incurred in case of lodging claims about the ownership of any given documents described on the site. The site uses special software to identify, control appropriately and suppress unauthorized attempts to cause damage, including hacking the database and changing information within it.

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At our site you can order and buy digital copies of unique documents concerning your family tree genealogy as well as other topical documents of Jewish origin. Every such request will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis after consultation with the archive owner.


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Here is a unique private collection of archive documents covering the life of Jews in Eastern Galicia before the Holocaust.

After 1939 Lvov archives suffered catastrophic losses: there were seizures of documents for ideological reasons carried out by the new Soviet authorities, mass confiscations, and various relocations during the Nazi occupation... A vast array of valuable historical sources was irretrievably lost as a result of fires, floods, negligence, and indifference.

Many private collectors and owners of Jewish archive documents had to form their unique collections scrupulously, literally piece by piece for many years.

The private collection presented is a vivid example of such a unique collection, an invaluable source for the study of Jewish genealogy and history of the Holocaust.

The basis of the collection consists of about 3000 authentic Jewish documents that are mainly manuscripts dated from the late 19th century to mid-thirties of the 20th century. The major portion of the archive has been systematized and described on a publicly available Internet resource: