Holocaust Related Records

The Holocaust part of the collection contain digital copies of records belonging to future victims of Holocaust. On June 30, 1941 the Nazis occupied Lvov, and immediately started brutal persecutions and mass killings of Jews, followed by the confiscation of the Jewish property.

In November 1941 the German authorities publicly announced “return to normal life”, as a result Jews were allowed to open their shops. To get permission to resume their business, Jews were obliged to submit to the City Council sketches of board signs and designs of entrance doors for approval - they were to conform to the architectural and aesthetic requirements. Board signs were also to conform to the anti - Jewish legislation imposed by the Nazis - to bear a “David star”.

The Nazi's “liberalization” was in fact a cynical trick aimed to identify the remaining wealthy Jews. In April 1942 the phony “liberalization” was terminated, all Jews of Lvov were brought to the ghetto and labor camps. In November 1942 the Nazis started the total liquidation of Jewish ghettos in “Distrikt Galizia”. In August 1943 the region was proclaimed "Jewish free".

The “David Star Board Signs” collection contain 23 digital copies of color-painted sketches of board signs, and designs of entrance doors with an actual size of a board sign and its placement.