Region: “Distrikt Galizia” - territory of Western Ukraine occupied by the Nazis on June 30,1941 and incorporated in the so called “General Governorship of Poland”

Locality: Lvov  -  capital of “Distrikt Galizia”

Type of document: application written in the Ukrainian language and submitted to the Architectural Department of the Lvov City Council for permission to open a workshop “Photos Nissan BRANNTWEIN”

Applicant:  Nissan BRANNTWEIN

Domicile: not indicated

Location of the shop: Lvov, Operna street 31


BRANNTWEIN Nissan Color-painted sketch of the board sign of the shop written in German and Ukrainian

BRANNTWEIN Nissan Design of the entrance door with an actual size of a board sign and its placement

BRANNTWEIN Nissan Certificate confirming availability of a business license

Date of application: 03.11.1941